Jewelry and Fashion: Mixing and Matching with Style

One of the best ways to look fashionable is to coordinate your outfit with the jewelry you wear. However, choosing an outfit is difficult enough without having to think about whether your jewelry matches your clothes. Being fashionable can take a lot of work, but there is joy in taking on the challenge of mixing and matching outfits and accessories to look your best at all times, regardless of the occasion.

If you want to look fashionable, you always have to be updated with the latest trends. However, there are times when you can mix clothes and accessories from last season and incorporate it with the trends from the current season. It all depends on how you layer, mix and match, or style the clothes and accessories you will wear.

Many people would agree that one of the best ways to stay trendy and fashionable is by wearing jewelry that either matches your clothing or compliments your clothing. After all, jewelry never goes out of style. There is just something about jewelry that gives it a timeless quality. Therefore, wearing the right jewelry with the right clothes will make you look your best every time.

However, you have to make sure that the jewelry you’re wearing is clean and well-maintained. Nobody wants people to notice their jewelry because it lacks TLC. Instead, different jewelry pieces should attract people’s attention by their vivid colors, brilliance, and beautiful style. Jewelry would look better in photos if it has been well-cared for. If you think that your jewelry does not look good in photos, you can either pay for retouching services for jewelry photos or have your jewelry cleaned. This way, you will always be able to maintain the beauty of all your jewelry and accessories and look good in photos with your assets.

If you are not used to wearing jewelry, you can always find inspiration on the Internet. Some posts and blogs will help you mix and match your jewelry with the right outfits. Below are some ways that you can incorporate jewelry into your daily outfit to make you look more fashionable and trendier each time you step out of your home.

What’s the Occasion?

One of the easiest ways to choose the right jewelry for your outfits is by considering the occasion. Before you pick out the jewelry you want to wear, you first have to ask yourself whether the pieces of jewelry you have will match the occasion you will be celebrating.

For instance, if you attend a simple party, it might not be appropriate to bring out huge necklaces with enormous and brilliant jewels. You might feel out of place if you accessorize extravagantly. Therefore, you need to consider whether you need to dazzle people with your accessories or whether simple jewelry will suffice.

woman wearing jewelry

Less Is More

If you are already wearing an outfit that has busy patterns, simple jewelry will be enough. You don’t want to overwhelm people with an extravagant outfit that comes with extravagant accessories. Instead of looking fashionable, you might end up looking too overwhelming, which is something that you would want to avoid. If you want to look fashionable, you must always remember that less is more.

Therefore, if you are already wearing an eye-catching outfit, you can settle for simple jewelry pieces as your accessories. You can wear diamond earrings or a simple diamond necklace or bracelet if you like. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and they will always look elegant even though their designs are simple and uncomplicated.

Compliment Your Look

Another tip to make you look more fashionable when wearing jewelry is by considering your skin tone. Choose the kind of jewelry that will complement your skin tone because this will make you look more attractive. Your jewelry should not only go with your outfit because your outfit is not the only thing that matters. Your skin tone plays an important role in enhancing your appearance, too.

Aside from your skin tone, you can also match your jewelry with the color of your hair and the color of your eyes. This way, you can use simple pieces of jewelry to highlight your best features. If you cannot decide whether your jewelry complements your skin tone, hair color, or eye color, you can always ask your friends for their opinions or read tips about choosing the right kind of jewelry for you Internet.

Adding a Final Touch

Sometimes, you feel like you have already decided on the perfect outfit, but then it feels like there is still something missing. If you feel this way, you can always use jewelry to make your outfit look more attractive and appealing. The key is to know just the right kind of jewelry that you need so that you can enjoy your look and feel very fashionable at the same time.

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